Front-end of web application

The primary front-end technology of Skyware for companies to outsourcing is AngularJS / Angular 4 and standard responsible web application technology stack.

What does it mean? Most projects that Skyware has cooperated was due to this the newest and most hottest technologies used in these days.

Web Technology Stack of Skyware Oracle Certified Java SE 6 Programmer

Database and Application Servers of Skyware

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The list of outsourced project and their duration you can find in his LinkedIn profile.

Michal, our Java certified member has gained Java back-end experiences at projects below.

Slovak University of Technology (12 months)

Projects: Java web CRUD applications
Technologies: Java EE, Hibernate, Apache Tomcat, GlassFish Server, Swing and more

Siemens (4 months from 23 months)

Project: – Automation and Forecasting of accounting (internal project)
Technologies: – Java SE development, POI library

Accenture (20 months)

Project: – Monitoring, Deploying and Fixing of robust information system for The biggest
Postal client in Germany
Technologies: Java SE development, RedHat, Keytool, Curl, Cron, PKI, Oracle WebLogic, Remedy,
Shell scripting, Perl scripting, Windows scripting, installation package (RPM, MSI), Microsoft SQL
Server 2010, WebMethods Integration Server, creating process in
WebMethods Process Modeler, administrating WebSphere MQ, computing clusters

Project: – Development and Testing of new Change Request for Bank client (on-site)
Technologies:Business Process Modeler, IBM WebSphere, JavaScript
development, EJB, Java EE development, Oracle database, JIRA, Spring Framework
2010 – 2012 Siemens Program and System Engineering s.r.o. in Bratislava,

Project: – Creating, Testing and Deploying Google Web Applications (internal project)
Technologies: App Engine, Google Web Toolkit, Google API, Java EE, JSP, Tomcat 7.0, building
Maven, XML, JUnit 3, Python

HT Solution s.r.o. (3 months)

Project: Developing and Consulting new design and Adapting functionality of E-shop with the latest
technologies. Ensuring integration with a large-scale system ESO in Bratislava, Slovakia
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Java EE 5, JSF (Primefaces), RMI, IBM Websphere, Apache Tomcat,
IBM DB2, PERL, WordPress, PHP 5, Apache Maven, MySQL, Google API, CGI, SVN, Git

Creatix, Inc. (4 months)

Project: Developing data services for new Health insurance carries in Bratislava, Slovakia / Chicago, IL,USA
Technologies: Java 8, Mercurial, Ivy, JUnit, Groovy, Spock , Spring Framework, Apache Camel, Jetty,
Jersey, Jackson, Guava, Hateoas, H2, Derby, Log4j, Bash

Slovak Telecom (3 months)

Project: Developing web application for TELCO BPM in Bratislava, Slovakia

Technologies: Java EE 6, Apache Maven, JUnit, Spring Framework, Apache Tomcat 8, REST, SOAP,
AngularJS, Bootstrap, Cramer, BPM, Petri Nets, CVS, VSS, HTML, CSS

Allplan (7 months)

Project: Migrating web application from Icefaces v.1.2 to Primefaces v.5.3 for facility management in
Bratislava, Slovakia and Munich, Germany for European customers
Technologies: Java EE 7, Apache Maven, JUnit, Bamboo, FishEye, JIRA, CVS, Spring Framework, Apache
Tomcat 8, JSF 2.2, Primefaces 5.3, Icefaces 1.2, jQuery, javaScript, CSS, HTML, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle